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Bell Crystal Dreidel
Bell Crystal
Interesting Shape!
Crystal Ball~ Wonderful Rainbows!
Crystal Ball
Wonderful Sparkles!
Marquise Crystal
Marquise Crystal
Like a Diamond!

Start a collection of crystals Today!
You will wonder how you lived without them!

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This is a crystal collection in a real window!
Comet, Marquise, Slice, Heart, & Crystal Ball.

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Beautiful Crystal Prisms!
Crystal Collection in a Window
Crystal Collection
In a Window

Beautiful Prism Shapes and Great Rainbows!
Crystals make wonderful GIFTS! Small, inexpensive, yet long–lasting and lively. Someone you are fond of will enjoy your gift for many years! Every time the sun shines!Do you enjoy Suncatchers? You will adore these! They bring in the sun and also make gay colorful Rainbows!As the sun moves, or as the crystals turn in a breeze, the Rainbows shift and dance!
These Crystals Are The Very Best ~ Excellent Rainbow Makers!
Crystals are beautiful, smooth, shiny, shimmery decorations for your windows! Did you know that they also make bright colored gorgeous Rainbows? When sun shines through the crystals, Rainbow Colors splash all over! Finely crafted Swarovski Strass Crystal provides Years of Delight! Crystal is a highly refined optically pure form of glass. The crystals are molded, then cut and polished just like gemstones. The cut facets give the crystals a breathtaking brilliance!Our fine window prisms are made of the SAME crystal as the beautiful "Silver Crystal" Swarovski Figurines. Our wonderful Crystal Prisms LOVE to Play with Light!

Pear Crystal
Pear Crystal
Sundrop- Our Namesake!
Crystal Sundrop
Our Namesake!
Crystal Sunburst!
Crystal Sunburst
Almond Crystal
Almond Crystal
Comet Crystal and (Top Left) Icicle 100mm
Comet Crystal and Icicle
Fancy Pear Crystal
Fancy Pear Crystal

Swarovski Dahlia.
Dahlia 50mm OR 38mm Magnificent New Creation from Swarovski! Many, Many, Many Facets! Sparkling and gorgeous. Facets resemble the petals of a Dahlia Flower. Treat yourself! You're worth it! Or choose it as a really amazing gift!   Genuine Swarovski Strass $38.00 $34.99 On Sale!
Please Select:

Almond ~ 63mm, 50mm, or 38mm The always great Almond Rainbow maker! A quilted look, or like a pineapple. Flattened shape, oval with a point at top, with BRILLIANT shining diamond shaped facets. The almond makes stunning rainbows, and is a gorgeous sparkler! This fine crystal is a MUST for your collection! LARGER MAKES BETTER RAINBOWS! Three Sizes! Try the Wonderful Large 63mm size, nice and Big and Sparkly! The Medium 50mm size is not too big and not too small. Enjoy this fine crystal in a Smaller 38mm Size, Clear or AB! Great companion for the two larger sizes! Add a Rainbow of Crystal Beads for even more Rainbow Fun!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $35.00 $29.99 On Sale!
Please Select:

Beautiful Swarovski Crystal SunDancer!
SunDancer ~ 60mm, 50mm, or 40mm Sun Dancer Octagon Prism! This is a NEW octagonal crystal like our favorite Sundrop! Freshly designed, with exciting facets added. This crystal is very sparkly and very beautiful. It is also impossible to photograph, so our pictures cannot do it justice! Great Rainbows! Lovely flowery facet pattern. This design is based on the always fabulous Sundrop Octagon, with Extra Facets added! Gorgeous! A new creation from Swarovski, and they have outdone themselves. This is a WONDERFUL crystal! Enjoy yours today! Four fabulous shimmery sizes! Try the GRAND 60mm Size! Add a Rainbow of Crystal Beads on the hanger for even more Fun! A perfect addition to your collection!   Genuine Swarovski Crystal $60.00 $49.99 On Sale!
Please Select:

Sundrop 60mm, 50mm OR 40mm
$65.00 $59.99 On Sale!
Please See Our Wonderful SunDancer 60mm Crystal!
This is the CHAMPION of rainbow makers. You'll find rainbows dancing far away from the crystal! A gentle nudge will send colors flying! The clean simple lines and brilliant flashing facets make this a beauty in any light. This is a whopper of a crystal~ 60mm (2 3/8 inches) and it makes huge rainbows to match! We love it so much, it's our namesake! News: This wonderful crystal is Retired and no longer being made by Swarovski. JUST A FEW LEFT! Get yours while supplies last! And make sure to Treasure It!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal
Beautiful Swarovski Crystal SunDancer!
SunDancer 28mm -OR- 28ab Here's the beautiful baby of the SunDancer family! Just as wonderful in this small size as in the larger ones! It's a great way to get acquainted! Try one, it's a treat! This design is the always fabulous Sundrop Octagon, with Extra Facets added! NEW!! Golden AB! This little treat is now available in sparkling Golden AB! Gorgeous!   Genuine Swarovski Crystal $16.00 $13.99 On Sale!
Please Select:

Sundrop 28mm~ Clear, Pink, Or Blue The littlest Sundrop is a chunky sparkly crystal that makes Great Rainbows! At 28mm this crystal is a good sized 1.25 inches with big shining facets! NEW!! Rose Pink or Sapphire Blue! This little treat is available in Clear Crystal, Delicate Rose Pink, or Lovely Medium Sapphire Blue! (Sorry, AB Sold Out). Gorgeous! News: This wonderful crystal is Retired and no longer being made by Swarovski. Get yours while supplies last! And make sure to treasure it! Add Beautiful Crystal Beads for a Truly Special Treasure! Rainbow Beads, Colorless Beads, or Simple Beauty Beads in Blue or Pink to Match Your Crystal! Enjoy!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $17.00 $15.99 On Sale!
Please Select Color:

Fancy Pear ~ 38mm or 28mm Fancy Pear Crystal! Fancy Pear 38mm Clear Crystal, AB, or COLORS! This wonderful crystal is almost 1.5 inches long, plump, and loaded with Sparkling Facets and Rainbows. As in the photo, you can see rainbow colors in the facets just by holding it in your hand. A truly beautiful crystal and great Rainbow Maker, something your Collection needs to have! NEW!! Lots of Colors! This beautiful crystal is available in shimmering Colorless Clear crystal, beautiful Golden AB, and Several Wonderful Colors! Choose gorgeous Purple (Blue-Violet), Deep Red, Antique Green (Blue-Green), or Medium Sapphire Blue! Need a smaller size? The Fancy Pear 28mm may be for you. This is a sparkly little smidgen of a crystal. Undeniably tiny, about 1 1/8 inch long, but just a GORGEOUS little thing. Loaded with facets, plump and beautiful. Well, if it was a diamond we would call it HUGE! Yes, it makes Rainbows! A beautiful little work of the crystal cutter's art. Enjoy this crystal plain or with luscious Golden AB Sparkle!   Genuine Swarovski Crystal $17.00 $14.99 On Sale!
Please Select Color:

Pear ~ 38mm OR 28mm Pear Crystal! Sparkling Teardrop Shape, Large Flashing Facets. Nice modest 38mm size, about 1.5 inches. This crystal wants to sparkle and make rainbows for you! There is one a little smaller, 28mm, a sliver of shimmery rainbow crystal! The baby of the family, about 1 and 1/8 inch, and even this tiny guy makes little rainbows!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $17.00 $14.99 On Sale!
Please Select Size:

Pear ~ 76mm, 63mm, or 50mm Pear Crystal! The Pear is uncomplicated and a great beauty. One of the absolute best. Something that should be in your collection! It looks like there is a star inside of the crystal. Large, smooth facets. Tap it and watch it twirl for you! Another RAINBOW CHAMPION, this crystal shines, sparkles and makes great rainbows. The Pear 76mm is a full three inches in length, hefty, gorgeous full lead crystal, and packed with Rainbow Making Power! A beauty! We love large crystals! They are so wonderful! Nothing compares to the rainbows from the big prisms. Large crystals are difficult to find, so order one for yourself today! The 63mm size is a bit smaller, about 2.5 inches. This is another fabulous Large Crystal! Next is the Generous Sized 50mm, about two inches. Perfect for a gift, not too big, not too small, lots of Rainbows! The bigger the crystal, the bigger the rainbows! You MUST have one of these for your collection!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $45.00 $39.99 On Sale!
Please Select:

Fancy Pear ~ 76mm OR 63mm Fancy Pear Crystal! Fancy Pear 76mm Gorgeous Crystal! There just are not enough good things to say about the Fancy Pear!! Think of a pear-shaped Diamond. One end oval, one end pointed, and just completely covered with lovely facets! A wonderful sparkler and a GREAT COLOR MAKER. Beautiful in bright OR dim light. Try one! This large size is a rare treat, huge, hefty, and waiting to make rainbows for you! This is the King of the Fancy Pear family, a full Three inches in length, with huge rainbows to match. Get one! Too big? Try the Generous 63mm Fancy Pear! Beautiful Size! Two and a half inches of Incredible Crystal! Just like a diamond, lots of facets! Loads of Big Rainbows! This is a crystal we could not find until recently, and we are glad to have it back! Don't miss this opportunity to have one for your collection!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $50.00 $45.99 On Sale!
Please Select:

Gorgeous Swarovski Fancy Pear Crystal.
Fancy Pear 50mm OR 50AB
Swarovski Fancy Pear Crystal 8721 Great Size, Great Rainbows! About two inches, hefty, perfect for a very nice gift. Perfect to combine with other crystals in your window display! Especially pretty facet pattern, a truly lovely crystal.

Fancy Pear with AB is Brilliantly Golden and sparkly! (Sorry, crystal shown is clear). This crystal has been unavailable to us for a long time, and we are incredibly pleased to finally have it! Snap one up! GORGEOUS golden flashing iridescence. Hang it in front of a mirror so it can admire itself. This is the genuine Swarovski full lead model~ Don't miss it!   Genuine Swarovski Strass 8721
$23.00 $19.99 On Sale!
Please Select Color:

Fancy Pear 50mm Crystal in Luscious Golden Honey Topaz Color
Fancy Pear 50mm COLORS
Swarovski Fancy Pear Crystal 8721Purple, Blue, Pink, Topaz, Aqua Green, and Pale Spring Green! Wow! The beautiful rainbow-making Fancy Pear in generous 50mm Size, in Gorgeous Crystal ’Gem’ Colors!
Select Rosaline, a lovely clear Rose Pink, Sapphire Blue, a great Medium Blue, and Antique Green, the same pretty Bluish Aqua Green as the Crystal Ball and the Star. Peridot Green is a fabulous clear Light Spring Green, just like the August Peridot Birthstone. The Deep Blue Violet (Purple) is a gorgeous deep amethyst purple shade. It’s lovely and different!!! For a special treat, Rose Pink with AB is available. This crystal is a special sparkler, Pink crystal with AB coating. The effect is Sparkly Peachy Pink. Don't forget TOPAZ! Absolutely breath-taking deep, glowing honey-golden Topaz Color! Wonderful! All are Beautiful! Get Yours Today!
NEW! Add Gorgeous Sparkling AB Beads to Any Color! Spectacularly Beautiful! Fabulous Gift! Enjoy!
  Genuine Swarovski Strass Crystal
$24.00 $19.99 On Sale!
Please Select Color:

Swarovski Marquise Crystal
Marquise ~ 50mm or 38mm Marquise Crystal! Yes, just like a Marquise-Cut Diamond! Facets everywhere, and double-pointed oval shape. A work of art and a gorgeous gem. And with all that beauty, it makes rainbows, too! LOVE DIAMONDS? Satisfy that urge with this great crystal!!! Diamonds big enough to hang in your window! Two Great Sizes! BIG two inch 50mm size! Clear Crystal or with sparkly AB gold! And a smaller 38mm size, just under 1.5 inches. A lovely petite but generous size. Perfect companion for a 38mm Fancy Pear. Clear Crystal, Sparkly AB, and several beautiful Gem Colors (limited supply)! Lovely Pale Rose Pink, Medium Sapphire Blue, or Antique Green (a pretty bluish-green). Get Yours Today! Whew! What a great crystal!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $23.00 $19.99 On Sale!
Please Select:

Triangle Drop 50mm
$22.00 $19.99 On Sale!
A classic prism that has been around for years and some people remember it fondly. It has stood the test of time because of its simple beauty. Three sided, elongated, very smooth, a gentle point at the bottom. The sides are slightly curved inward, greatly adding to the sparkle of the crystal. Amazingly clear and shining crystal! Simple but extremely beautiful! Try one!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal
Fancy Pear Blue with AB! Spectacular!
Fancy Pear 38 BLUE With AB The lovely Fancy Pear in beautiful Sapphire Blue with AB. This is truly exquisite, a special glowing, sparkling shade of light blue and dreamy AB gold. A very nice little gem! Something you really must have!  Genuine Swarovski Strass 8721 $20.00 $17.99 On Sale!

Heart Prism ~ Wild Heart WONDERFUL NEW ITEM!
Clear, Crystal AB, or New Red Magma!
Incredible Sparkly New Wild Heart from Swarovski! This will make you say WOW! The shape is a little bit different than the classic crystal heart shape. And the facets, well, they are just Wild! Lots of irregular facet shapes make blazing sparkles in all directions! This fantastic heart is available in Clear Crystal, AB Crystal, and a New gorgeous Bold Red color called Red Magma. New Shape, New Color!! Beautiful Sparkles! The same sweet message! Are you Wild about someone? Tell them with a fabulous Wild Heart Crystal! Two sizes, a lovely generous 37mm size (Clear and AB only), or a delicate smaller 27mm size (Red Magma only). Add even more gorgeous sparkle with Crystal AB beads on the hanger! A very BEAUTIFUL item and a perfect gift! Swarovski
$30.00 $26.99 On Sale!
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Beautiful Bell Crystal with AB Added
Bell ~ 50AB or 40AB Get Yours While Supplies Last!
Bell Crystal~ Beautiful and Interesting! The gorgeous Crystal Bell with a touch of lovely AB added for you AB fans out there! Choose the Big 50mm (2 inches) Gorgeous Crystal Bell or the slightly smaller Nice Hefty 40mm (1.5 inches) size. Just a little bit of AB on a few of the facets to add that special sparkle and glow for the AB lovers! Very Pretty! Enjoy!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal
$36.00 $29.99 On Sale!
Please Select Size:

Bell Crystal. Beautiful and Interesting!
Bell ~ 50mm, 40mm, or 30mm Bell Crystal~ Beautiful and Interesting! The facets on this crystal love to make colors, as you can see in the photo! A chunky prism, packed with rugged rainbows. POPULAR! Three Fabulous Sizes! The Bell is not flat, but round as if it had been cut from a ball. Look at it from underneath, to see a fun pattern! Unique shape! The wonderful 50mm Size is a full two inches, with beautiful large, clear facets. VERY SHINY AND PRETTY. The great 40mm Size is about 1.5 inches long, and hefty and round. Lovely to look at! Bright and beautiful even in low light. The 30mm Size is a charming little thing, a VERY pretty little twinkler. Oddly shaped, beautifully faceted and shiny. About 1 1/8 inches, and round and chubby like a crystal ball. A clearly different, unusual shape to add variety to your collection. The Bell is a great, very lovely crystal. Display all three sizes together for a fun and interesting effect! Amazing how different they look in each size. ALL sizes are interesting and gorgeous! Try one today!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $35.00 $28.99 On Sale!
Please Select Size:

Rainbows Will Make You Smile!

Rainbows Are Fun!!
Frosted Crystal Cross with AB Gold
Frosted Cross ~ 38AB or 38 JET Delicate Crystal Cross, 38mm, about 1.25 inches in length, very flat and rather dainty with lovely markings. A beautiful, somewhat free-form cross, part frosted and part brilliant polished crystal. Available with shining Golden AB or with dramatic Jet Black accents! Retired by Swarovski, Get Yours While Supplies Last!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $19.00 $15.99 On Sale!
Please Select:

Prism Cross ~ 40mm or 40AB New! Shining Prism Cross! Choose lovely clear crystal or gleaming golden AB. Cross is 40mm in length- just over 1.5 inches. Thickness is about 3/8 inch, with the back completely flat and the front having a peak in the center with facets radiating from there to the edges. Simple, elegant, sparkly, and very pretty! Also Available~ Add a string of Sparkling Colorless Beads or a Rainbow of Beads to the Cross for a Beautiful Thoughtful Suncatcher!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $22.00 $17.99 On Sale!
Please Select Color and Style:

Crystal Droplet
Droplet 20mm A lovely droplet of crystal, fat and covered with facets. Available in Clear, AB, or luscious glowing Red. NEW! Purple and Violet! Size is 20mm, about 3/4 of an inch, small but not terribly tiny. Click to see larger picture, with crystals shown with a US dime. Very Pretty!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $6.99
Please Select Color:

Leaf 45AB with Spring or Autumn Colored Crystal Beads!
Leaf ~ Plain or With Beaded Hanger Crystal Leaf! Leaf~ Beautifully shaped, sparkly Leaf! A full 1.75 inches long, lovely generous size! A lovely shape & a pretty symbol of Nature's bounty. Makes Rainbows, too! Clear or with AB! The 24K gold "ab" coating makes this leaf look like a genuine autumn leaf! A gleaming fallen leaf, full of golden autumn beauty. Crystal Leaf is available Plain or With Beaded Hanger ~ The Lovely 45ab Leaf dressed for the seasons! Genuine Swarovski crystal beads in Autumn shades of gold, orange, and red! Or a refreshing Spring edition in several shades of light green! Both are Very Pretty! Bead Hangers are more intricate than shown in photo. Enjoy! There is also a delicate smaller 32mm (1.25 inches) size. Very small. A tiny glimmering leaf, in AB or Red, full of bright autumn beauty. The Leaf is retired by Swarovski, get yours while supplies last!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $30.00 $25.99 On Sale!
Please Select Color:

Smooth Crystal Slice 50mm
Smooth Slice ~ 63mm Sorry, SOLD OUT All Sizes
Smooth Slice Crystal! Sliced Diagonally from a Gleaming Crystal Cylinder! Like a slice of crystal sausage! Smooth & round with large smooth shining end surfaces. Unique Rainbows! The Smooth Slice makes a large, misty rainbow that can encircle an entire room. Very much worth experiencing! Several Marvelous Sizes! All make the same type of dreamy rainbow!
63mm Size~ Great part of the Smooth Slice Family, just under 2.5 inches, smooth and sleek. Makes lovely long rainbows. A wonderful addition to your Crystal Collection!
$40.00 $34.99 On Sale!

Fluted Slice Crystal
Fluted Slice ~ 48mm SORRY- SOLD OUT
Fluted Slice Crystal! Captivating & Shimmery! A cylindrical portion of pure crystal, sliced diagonally, with bright lengthwise facets on the outside. Aurora Borealis (AB) 24K gold coating is added to one end surface, making a mirror effect. A beautiful & unique shape, and it shines like crazy! Something very different for your collection! Excellent proportions. Delicate & very pretty! Rainbows too, of course! NEW! Available without AB! Just clear, glittery crystal! The 48mm size is just under two inches long. (Sorry, 68mm Size is Sold Out.) Nice companion crystals for the Smooth Slice! Enjoy! Sorry-AB out of stock. Clear Only.
$18.00 $15.99 On Sale!
Matrix ~ 50mm or 32mm Matrix Crystal! A perfect smooth oval with loads of rectangular facets~ Very much like a flattened faceted egg. Two Sizes! The 50mm crystal is a plump and generous two inches in length. Lots of crystal, ready to make lots of Rainbows! Bright and Sparkly! Clear Or AB Crystal! New Design From Swarovski! There is a smaller 32mm size. This wonderful little fellow makes a big shining impact. A perfect oval, 1.25 inches, with loads of shimmery rectangular facets. This crystal is plump and sparkly! Bright and gleaming! Enjoy Yours Today!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $25.00 $19.99 On Sale!
Please Select Color:

Beautiful SunDisc 40mm Clear Crystal from Swarovski!
Sun Disc 40mm Clear -OR- 40mm AB This Fabulous crystal is nearly flat and perfectly circular, no angles anywhere! Size is about 1.5 inches. Pointed Sun-Ray facets are all around the edges, waiting to play with the Sun! The center of the crystal is perfectly clear with no facets, allowing light and energy to pass straight through. Perfect for Feng Shui! Have some fun, look at your jewelry through this crystal. You'll see interesting patterns! Available in Clear, Topaz, and with Shining AB! Great Rainbows! A Very Beautiful Crystal! Genuine Swarovski Crystal $20.00 $17.99 On Sale!
Please Select Color:

Snowflake Sparkling Crystal Snowflake! Nostalgic for the North but enjoying the Sunny South? Here's a pretty crystal Snowflake to remind you of home. It will never melt, and needs no shoveling! The 20mm size- A tiny little sparkly thing, about three quarters of an inch. A fantastic shining snowflake that won't disappear on a warm day! Shimmery Clear or with AB gold. Enjoy! Swarovski $14.00 $10.99 On Sale!
Please Select SIZE and COLOR:

Radiant in Blue Violet Color!
Radiant 50mm PURPLE Sorry- Sold Out Flattened and very angular, no curves anywhere. Well, maybe a few! Geometric diamond shape. VERY bright and glittery! Great for contrast with rounded shapes! This photo shows the NEW! Blue Violet (BV) Purple Color! The name exactly describes the color! If you like Purple, here's a great Purple crystal! Lovely Deep Purple!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $20.00 $17.99 On Sale!
Twist 50mm ~ One Hole -OR- Two Holes Great New Item! Elongated, LOADS of Facets, in a Twisted pattern. Sparkly and Wonderful! One of the Newer Items From Swarovski! NEW!! TWO HOLES! Beautiful Twist is available with the usual one hole for hanging, or with TWO holes for adding something to make your own creation! Holes are at top and bottom. Get creative! Genuine Swarovski Crystal $20.00 $17.99 On Sale!
Please Select Item:

Radiant ~ 63mm, 50ab, or 50mm Radiant Crystal! Flattened and very angular, no curves anywhere. Well, maybe a few! Geometric diamond shape. VERY bright and glittery! Great for contrast with rounded shapes! Lovely shine with AB gold! Click on the picture to see this item in clear crystal and golden aurora borealis (ab) color coating. Two Sizes! Smaller Size is 50mm, Two Inches. Gold and Sparkly! A Swarovski classic. The attractive and popular Radiant is even better in a larger 63mm Size! Almost 2.5 inches in length, bigger in all its dimensions, and really a very pretty item! Great shimmery diamond shape!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal
Angular and flattened, great geometric diamond shape! VERY bright and glittery! Great for contrast with rounded crystal shapes! Shines like crazy! A Very Pretty Swarovski Classic!
$30.00 $25.99 On Sale!
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Wonderful Swarovski Crystal SunBurst. Retired! Grab Yours Now!
Sunburst A GREAT RAINBOW MAKER and a beautiful crystal. Octagon shape with Sunburst facet design. Rainbows make a CIRCULAR PATTERN! Lots of sparkle and loads of bright rainbows! One of the very best! Great fun! Three sizes, and clear or golden ab. Treat yourself to a nice big one! Sizes- The 18mm is just a little crystal, approx 0.75 inch, loaded with facets and sparkle! Exquisitely shaped. The 28mm size is a gorgeous crystal, not very large, about the size of a quarter, lots of facets and very pretty. Incredibly sparkly! Check it out! Sorry, Sunburst 28mm Clear and 40mm Clear sold out. A few 28 AB still available. Enjoy the luscious large 40mm size in AB!  Swarovski Strass 6208 Retired by Swarovski. No longer manufactured. While supplies last! Care for this like the treasure it is - We cannot replace it for you. $44.99
Please Select SIZE and COLOR:

Sparkling Crystal Swirl Ball With a Hanger of Rainbow Beads
Ball- Swirl Ball 40mm CLEAR with Rainbow Beads NEW!  Enjoy a Rainbow of Beads!
Swarovski Crystal Beads in Rainbow Colors Added to Beautiful Crystal Swirl Ball with facets in a swirled pattern. Large 40mm Size, 1.5 inches. Clear all through. A truly lovely variation on the theme of the sphere. A beauty to behold. Ever so slightly teardrop shaped, and facets arranged in a wavy swirling pattern rather than by strict straight line geometry. Gorgeous and VERY POPULAR! Great rainbows! Improve your Ch’i (vital energy) – the Swirl Ball and the Ball are great for Feng Shui!   Swarovski Spectra
$40.00 $29.99 On Sale!

Diamond Slice Crystal
Diamond Slice ~ 80mm SOLD OUT
$32.00 $29.99 On Sale!
Diamond Slice Crystal! This crystal is a hanging parallelogram! Similar to our Smooth Slice, but instead of being cut diagonally from a cylinder, it is cut from a squared crystal sausage. Dramatic, shiny, interesting! The 80mm Size is three inches in length. Six sides, every one diamond shaped! Smooth diamond shaped facets front and back, and all smooth sides. Different and interesting!
Sparkling Bell Crystal with Rainbow Beads
Bell 50mm or 40mm With Rainbow Beads Fabulous Sparkly Clear Crystal
Beautiful Big Swarovski Bell 50mm or Lovely Medium Size Swarovski Bell 40mm with Rainbow Beaded Hanger! Interesting Diamond Shape of the Crystal is echoed by the diamond shape of the deeply colored beads. A complete rainbow of Swarovski crystal beads in Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet is interspersed with small Crystal-ab beads to accent but not overpower the effect of the Rainbow. Colorful, Cheerful, and Beautiful! A wonderful Rainbow for any kind of weather! (Ornament Stand Not Included.)  Genuine Swarovski Crystal with Handmade Bead Hanger
$42.00 $38.99 On Sale!
Please Select:

Bell 30mm With A Brilliant Rainbow  of Beads
Dainty Dangle-
Bell 30mm With A Rainbow of Beads
Dainty Dangles! Beautiful Swarovski Crystals with Rainbow Crystal Bead Hangers! Crystal Creations are about 4 Inches in Length plus 5 to 6 inches of wire for hanging, 9 to 10 inches total. They are delicate and dainty, not huge or heavy. Perfect for a car decoration, a small windowpane, or anywhere you wish to put them! USA Hand Made here at Sundrop Crystal, with Fine Workmanship designed to last! Wonderful Thoughtful Sparkly Beaded Crystal Gift!

The Gorgeous Bell Crystal in 30mm (1 1/8 Inch) with a Brilliant Rainbow of Crystal Beads is Fabulous! Rainbows and Sparkles! Baby Brother to the big Bell 50mm with Rainbow Hanger shown elsewhere. Enjoy!
$26.00 $19.99 On Sale!

Matrix 32mm With A Bright Rainbow of Beads
Dainty Dangle-
Matrix 32mm or 32AB With A Rainbow of Beads
NEW!  Enjoy a Rainbow of Beads!
Dainty Dangles! Beautiful Swarovski Crystals with Rainbow Crystal Bead Hangers! Crystal Creations are about 4 Inches in Length plus 5 to 6 inches of wire for hanging, 9 to 10 inches total. They are delicate and dainty, not huge or heavy. Perfect for a car decoration, a small windowpane, or anywhere you wish to put them! USA Hand Made here at Sundrop Crystal, with Fine Workmanship designed to last! Wonderful Thoughtful Sparkly Beaded Crystal Gift!

The Matrix 32mm (1.25 Inch) Crystal is a Very Beautiful Creation. Smooth Oval Shape, Multitudes of Squared Facets. The Sparkle is Amazing, and it loves to make Rainbows, too! A Rainbow of Beads added to this great Crystal is just Marvelous! Get Yours Today!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal
NOW!  More Crystal Shapes With Rainbows!
$26.00 $19.99 On Sale!
Please Select Crystal SHAPE!

Swarovski Crystal Icicle 8611
Icicle ~ 100mm, 63mm, or 40mm Crystal Icicle! Reminiscent of a crystal from a chandelier, this one is angular, long and lovely. The 100mm size is especially beautiful. It is a full Four inches long, and amply proportioned. Very Pretty! The Icicle 100AB is a spectacular crystal made even more special with beautiful AB to garnish it! Long, shapely, loads of facets! Sparkle and gleam! This crystal has it all! Very Beautiful! Smaller but very luscious, the Icicle in 63mm size is gorgeous, long, slender and sparkly! This icicle is 2.5 inches long, a nice substantial size. Especially delicate and pretty. Very lovely with ab gold! One More Tiny Size- Icicle 40mm- A little slip of crystal, something the fairies would hang in the trees. About 1.5 inches long, either clear crystal or with a touch of gold. These icicles will not melt! Enjoy Yours Today!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $28.00 $25.99 On Sale!
Please Select:

Flare Drop
Spiral Icicle ~ 100mm or 76mm Spiral Icicle! This crystal is a delightful surprise. Sharply tapered, faceted at an entirely engaging odd angle, and hanging from the end that looks like it should be the bottom! Gorgeous! The Spiral Icicle 100mm Size is artfully shaped, exquisitely detailed, and a full four inches in length! The smaller delicate 76mm size is a full three inches in length. A brand new shape for the ever beautiful icicle! It shimmers from every angle. Experience this!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $40.00 $34.99 On Sale!
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You Are So Awesome

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You Are So Awesome!

Delightful Peridot Spring Green Baroque Star from Swarovski
Baroque Star ~ PERIDOT GREEN Someone was doodling the day this one was created! Outside contours are symmetrical and somewhat feather or leaf-like. Back is flat and smooth. Front has a beautiful star-shaped pattern of large sparkly facets. Different, flashy, and very lovely. Great for low light. NEW!! Available in pale Peridot Green! This crystal is absolutely lovely in this beautiful new Light Spring Green Color! Two Wonderful Sizes ~ Luscious Big 63mm, 2.5 Inch Size, or Generous 50mm Size, 2 Inches. Enjoy Today!  Genuine Swarovski Crystal $24.00 $19.99 On Sale!
Please Select:

Beautiful Crystal Comet in Colors! Blue on Left, Green on Right! Click to See More!
Comet 76mm, 76 AB or Colors! A Great Crystal Prism. Available in Clear, Clear with Gleaming Golden AB, or Wonderful Colors! Long, straight, and exquisitely plain, but definitely not dull. Light shoots out of the bottom, thus the name. A great shape and fabulous shine, even in the low light of a cloudy day. GREAT RAINBOWS! In fact, INCREDIBLE RAINBOWS! Mingle a Comet with your hanging plants! Add a Ball for a planet, and some Stars! Size is 76mm, 3 inches long. A wonderful crystal. BEAUTIFUL in Colors! Select Clear Crystal, Clear Touched with Golden AB, Sapphire Blue, Antique Green (Beautiful Blue-Green), or Lovely Rose Pink!  Swarovski
$27.00 $23.99 On Sale!
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The Crystals on this Page are not the only Rainbow Makers!
Lots of other crystals are quite good at it, too!
Mix Sizes and Shapes for an Incredible ~ RAINBOW Show! ~

HINTS ON SIZES: 18mm is 3/4" (large earring or Dime size), 28mm is 1 1/8" (pendant size, bigger than a Quarter), and 40mm is 1.5 inches. It doesn't sound like much difference, but remember, they are also thicker, heavier, and longer in addition to being wider. The difference in appearance is quite striking! These three sizes are all perfect for a window display. The 40mm is most dramatic, 28mm is smaller but still a good size. The 18mm is a good one if you like small crystals or have a display with large crystals and need some smaller pieces for contrast. Here's a ruler showing both inches and millimeters (mm) so you can see the comparison!

Ruler Showing Millimeters (mm) and Inches Compared

COLORS: Crystals are colorless if listed as "mm" (millimeters). The letters "ab" stand for "Aurora Borealis". This is a light coating of 24K gold that gives the crystal iridescent coloring and gold brilliance. It is designed to give colors to a crystal in low light. It still allows it to make rainbows in sunshine. If you like the pure beauty of crystal, get "Clear". If you like a visual impact in any light, and some extra color, try the crystals in "ab". AB is bright and shimmery but is not invisible. It makes changing colors on the crystal the way oil on a puddle makes Rainbows.

Gorgeous Fancy Pear Crystal!Almond Crystal Making Rainbow Colors!Comet Crystal Playing with Sunlight! Icicle at Top Left.The Wonderful Sundrop!
Wow! A Gift of Crystals!Crystal Collection in Window
Decorate your windows with beautiful crystal!
Fill your life with Rainbows!

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Pretty Crystal Shapes and Great Rainbows!
Crystals can fit any home decorating scheme! Crystals are available in beautiful colors, and in your favorite shapes. Stars, moons, even dolphins can dance in your windows! Crystals are available purely clear, or with a light coating of 24K Gold called "ab" for "aurora borealis". This gives the crystal a slight golden color and makes it colorful and iridescent in dim light. Try the delights of beautiful crystals today! You will wonder how you ever lived without them!

Crystal StarFlower Smooth Slice Crystals Sparkling Crystal Icicles Will Not Melt Beautiful Crystal Stars Crystal Ball~ Wonderful Rainbows
StarFlower Smooth Slice Shimmery Crystal Icicles Beautiful Crystal Stars Sparkling Crystal Ball

Sparkling Crystal Icicle
~ A Touching Gift Idea ~
Buy an identical pair of crystals or crystal pendants. Give one to a friend, and keep one for yourself. These will be a special reminder to you both of each other! You may catch your special crystal winking at you, perhaps when your friend is thinking of you!
Fluted Slice Crystal

Beautiful Octagon Crystal Sundrop