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Graceful Swimming Swan

Gift Idea ~  Crystals are Great Birthday Gifts in Birthstone Colors!
April is Diamond - ALL the crystals qualify! July and January are Red, September is Sapphire. March and December are light Blue. October is Pink. May is green Emerald, August is a light green gem called Peridot! November is Golden Yellow, just like our Topaz!
Pink and Red are always perfect Valentines!

The Crystal Ball, the Stars, and the Hearts
are available in Wonderful Gemstone Colors!

Spectacular Crystal Balls are available in your Favorite Colors!
Beautiful Green, Sapphire Blue, Topaz, Rose, and Burgundy Red.
They make gorgeous Rainbows just like the Clear Crystals! Look for Gemstone Color Stars and Moons, too!

Ball 30mm Topaz ~ Lovely new Golden color! Ball Clear ~ Clear colorless crystal Ball Red ~ Nice, deep RedBall Blue ~ Medium Sapphire Blue Ball Green ~ Very pretty and popular shade of Bluish Green Ball Rose ~ Pale Rose Pink

~ Beautiful Gemstone Colors! ~

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