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Make a Candle Rainbow With These Unscented 50 Hour Colored Glass Container Candles!
Make a Candle Rainbow With Unscented 50 Hour Colored Glass Container Candles!
50 Hour Colord Glass Container Candles!   Enjoy Even More! 110 Hour Colored Glass Containers!
See What Is NEW at the Candle Store! ~ Very Large Pillar Candles!

Enjoy Softly Flickering Warm Light in Your Life!
Beautiful Thick Colored Glass Small Tealight Candle Holders!Fabulous Scented 15 Hour Votives! Spices, Fruits, and Florals in Creamy-rich Wax Colors. Superior Quality. Light One or a Dozen! Wholesale, too!Clever Glass Candle Holder for Either a Taper or a Pillar! What a Great Idea!
~ Click on Any Picture. Each will Take You to a Different Place! ~
~ Gleaming Holders and Colorful Candles! ~
~ Colored Glass Tealight Holders ~ Incredible Scented, Colored Votives! Spices, Fruits, Florals in creamy rich Wax Colors. ~ Look for Wholesale Votives! ~ Clever Glass Candle Holder for Either a Taper or a Pillar! ~
Votive & Tealight Holders in A Rainbow of Colors ~ Luscious Votives ~ Glass Holder for Pillar or Taper! ~
General Wax has a Giant Selection of  Candles,  Candle Holders,  and More!
As their Partner we proudly bring you ALL of their Beautiful Items!

White Unscented Candle in Sparkling Ruby or Amber glass container Burns 72 Hours.
White Unscented 72 Hour Candle in Sparkling Ruby or Amber Glass Container

Elegant Fireside Solid Pillar Candles 4 by 6 Inches. Unscented, White or Ivory.Elegantly Simple Scented & Colorful 3X6 Inch Dish Top Column Candles. Beautiful!Colossal Colorful Scented Column Candle 4X8 Inches. Luscious and Classic! Chubby 4X4 Inch Colossal Scented Colorful Pillar Candle. Enjoy!
Pillars! Short & Wide, Tall & Slender Columns, Multi-Wicks, White, Ivory, Bright Colors! Unscented or Delightful Fragrances!
Highly Scented Frosted  Colorful 15-Hour Votive Candles. Very Special! Unscented Colorful Classic 3X6 Inch Fireside Pillar Candles. Wonderful!Lovely Large Tealight Holders of Colored Thick Transparent Glass. Yum!
Column Candles! Holders, Votives & Tealights in Coordinating Colors & Scents! Enjoy a Mix of Sensory Candle Delights!

 ~ Fantastic Candles and Fabulous Low Prices! ~ 

Entertaining & Decorative Color Drip Tapers! COLORS!! Eight Inch Formal Unscented Dinner Candle.Firestop Self-Extinguishing 24 Inch Taper Candle.Many Colors! Fifteen Inch Unscented Taper Candles Burn 6 Hours.Twelve Inch Formal Dinner Candles. Unscented, Several Colors.
Tapers! Colorful Fun Sloppy Drip Tapers, Self-Extinguishing Firestop Candles, Formal Dinner Candles in Many Sizes & Colors!
Twelve Inch Drip Resistant Unscented Taper Dinner Candles. Many COLORS!Twelve Inch Gold, Silver, Red Metallic Taper Candles! Wow! Gleaming Gold or Silver Metallic Dripless Unscented Pillar Candles!Classic Unscented Five Inch Coach Candles. Bell Shaped Top, MANY Colors, 2 Sizes!
Dinner Table Tapers! Stunning Metallic Tapers & Pillars. Interesting Old-Fashioned Coach Candles. Colors ~ Colors! Enjoy!
~ Lovely Elegant Candles!  Click on Any Picture.  Each will Take You to a Different Place! ~
~ Candles! Tapers, Tealights, Votives & Column Candles!  Wonderful Colors, Shapes, & Scents! ~
Utility Candles    Fireside Candle Collection    Scented Pillar Candles    Unscented Pillars    Wonderful Colorful Tapers

Great Candles! Votives, Tealights, Tapers, Containers, Scented, Unscented, Pillars, Columns, Jars, Firestop, Restaurant, Religious, Wedding, Wholesale, Candle Making, and More!

White or Ivory Unscented Solid Fireside Pillar Candles for Every Day Enjoyment!

Candle Making

Fabulous Scented and Colorful Dripless Pillar Candles!
 ~ Fantastic Candles and Fabulous Low Prices! ~ 
Dripless Pillar Candles in Lots of Sizes, Colors, and Luscious Scents!Elegant Metallic Taper Candles in Gold or Silver for that Special Dinner Party Celebration! Candles in Containers and Jars are Marvelous!
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BOO! Happy Halloween Novelty Candles! Lovely Luminous White Slender Ten Inch Tall Elements Taper Candles!Seven Layer Rainbow Candle Captured in a Jar Container! A Rainbow of Colorful and Practical Utility or Party Candles! Lots of Teriffic Unique Candle Holders! Restful and Relaxing Beautiful Floating Candles!
Seven Layer Rainbow Container Candle, Slim Taper Candles, A Rainbow of Colorful Utility Candles, Always New Introductions, Fabulous Unique Candle Holders, Fanciful Relaxing Floating Candles!

~ Sundrop Crystal Presents ~
~ Enchanting Candles ~
~* Welcome to Our Candle Department! *~
We are proud to bring you Beautiful Candles and Accessories
from General Wax and Candle Company!

You will be taken to the Candle website for Candle Shopping.   How Does This Work?

Citronella Candles in Containers! Ready for Camping or a Picnic! Citronella Scented 15 Hour Votives & More! Enjoy Outdoors & Keep Pesky Bugs Away!Luxurious Pure BEESWAX Tapered 15 Hour Votive Candles! Wow!
~ Click on Any Picture. Each will Take You to a Different Place! ~
~ Citronella Outdoor Votives and Container Candles! ~ Pure Wonderful Beeswax! ~
Enjoy the Amazing Diversity of Candles!

~ Exciting Specially Designed Dripless Pillar Candles ~
Scented & Colorful 3 X 3 Inch Dripless Fluted Column Candle! MANY Scents & Colors! Colorful Scented 3 X 6 Inch Dripless Fluted Column Candle! MANY Scents & Colors! Big 3 X 9 Inch Scented & Colored Fluted Dripless Pillar Candle. LOTS of Choices!
3 X 3 Inch Scented Column Candle    3 X 6 Inch Scented Pillar Candle    3 X 9 Inch Dripless Scented Candle

Scented Dripless Pillar Candles Available in LOTS of COLORS! Here are Just a Few!
Here is a Sample of Just a Few of the Colors!
The Fluted, Hollow-Core Design of this premium candle is the secret to long-lasting, even-burning pillar candles. Manufactured by very few companies, dripless candles of this exceptional honeycomb design win the die-hard devotion of people who discover the joy of pillar candles without the usual mess and waste. Wide Variety of Colors and Scents and Hours of Burn Time!  TRY THESE!
Dripless Unscented White or Ivory Tall 3 X 12 Inch Pillar Candles. Lovely!Large 3 X 12 Inch Dripless Pillar Candles for Advent! Unscented, Traditional Purple and Pink.Unscented Dripless White or Ivory 3 X 6 Inch Elegant Column Candles.Silver or Gold Metallic Dripless Style 3x6 Inch Column Candles! Unscented. Gorgeous!
Lovely Premium no mess drip-free Unscented Pillar Candles. Holiday Purple and Pink, Elegant White or Ivory, Dramatic Silver or Gold! What an Amazing Selection!  Enjoy!
Lovely Colorful Scented Pillar Candles! Neat & Dripless! Enjoy them in Groups!Scented Pillar Candles! Some Dripless. LOTS of Colors, Sizes & Fragrances! Scented & Colorful 3 X 3 Inch Dripless Fluted Column Candle! MANY Scents & Colors!Scented Pillar Candles! Some Dripless. Wide Choice of Colors, Sizes, & Scents!Lovely Colorful Scented Column Candles! Some are Dripless! Arrange in Groups!
Deliciously Scented Colorful Pillar Candles    Beautiful Sophisticated Unscented Pillar Candles
Column Candles in Dozens of Colors, Sizes, and Scents!  Even Metallic!
Cleverly Designed Dripless Pillar Candles!
Group Them In Lovely Warm Romantic Arrangements!

Extra Long Butane Candle Lighter! Great For the Grill, Too!Scented Tealights Bursting with Color & Scent. The more you buy, the cheaper they get! Beautiful and Elegant Tall Fireside Pillar Candles!Pillar Candle Lovely Glass Holder Dish. Attractive & Contains Spills!

~ Click on Any Picture. Each will Take You to a Different Place! ~
Indoors or Out!  A Candle for Every Occasion!  Superior Quality!
~ Citronella ~ Dripless Columns ~ Butane Lighter ~ Tealights! ~ Fireside Pillars ~

Warm a Chilly Evening With the Wonderful Fireside Collection of Pillar Candles! Scrumptious & Decorative Pumpkin Spice Cup Lantern Candle! Flared Glass Candle Cups. Pretty and Perfect for Tealight or Votive Candles!
~ Click on Any Picture. Each will Take You to a Different Place! ~
~ Beautiful,  Beautiful! ~
~ Fireside Candles in the Fireplace ~ Holiday Pumpkin Spice Lantern Candle ~
~ Flared Glass Votive or Tealight Candle Cups ~

Candle Tip: Put a half teaspoon of water and a drop of dish soap in the bottom of a votive holder before inserting the candle. This will make it easier to remove the candle when it is done burning!  Refrigerate to remove the wax.

3x6 Highly Scented & Colorful Square Pillar Candles! NEW!Classic Taper Candles in a Rainbow Array of Sizes & Colors! 3x4 Highly Scented & Colorful Square Pillar Candles! NEW!
Use FIRE STOP Taper Candles in Wreaths, and Flower and Dried Arrangements. They Burn Part Way and Put Themselves Out!!
Tradional Twelve Inch Tapers    All Taper Candles    FireStop Taper Candles
Scented Square Pillar Candles 3x6 Inches     Highly Scented 3x3 Square Pillars
~ Enjoy Soft Flickering Candle Light in Your Life! ~

~ * ~
~ Sundrop Crystal ~
~ Candles ~
Jewel Colors Glass Votive or Tealight Candle Holder! Make a Rainbow!
Enjoy Beautiful Candle Colors & Scents, Stunning Holders, & Lovely Soft Candle Light!

Textured Vibrant Color Ten Inch Dinner CandleScented Textured 3 X 4 Inch Pillar in Bright Vibrant Colors!Unique and Gorgeous Silver or Gold Metallic Three Inch Ball Candles!
~ Click on Any Picture.  Each will Take You to a Different Place! ~
~ Textured Vibrant Color Ten Inch Dinner Candles ~ Bright Color Textured Scented 3X4 Inch Pillar Candles ~
~ Lovely Silver or Gold Metallic Three Inch Ball Candle ~

Fragrant Five Inch Spooky Halloween Lanterns Light The Outdoors!Scented Colorful Five Inch Square Lantern Candle Glows When Lit. Blocks Wind.
Way Cool Square Lantern Candles!  They Glow When Lit and Block the Wind!

Palm Wax 3X8 Inch Triple Layer Column Candle in Three Shades of Blue! Unique!Best Selling Lusciously Scented 7 Ounce Frosted Glass Jar Candle. Wonderful!Lovely Palm Wax Triple Layer Pillar Candle in Ivory, Light Sienna & Burnt Sienna Colors.
~ Click on Any Picture.  Each will Take You to a Different Place! ~
~ Triple Layer Three Color Palm Wax Pillars in Several Sizes ~
~ Lusciously Scented Best Selling Seven Ounce Frosted Jar Candles With Freshness Lids ~

Large Wonderful Round Unscented Floating Candle Disc in Several Yummy Colors! Small Round Unscented Floating Candle Discs in Elegant White or Ivory.Large Three Inch Round Floating Disc Candles in White or Ivory! Lovely! Unscented.
All Unscented Floating Candles    Glass Disc Tealight Floater - Tealights Can Swim!
~ Enjoy Floating Candles in a Bowl, the Bath, or a Pool! ~
Floating Candles Can be Very Relaxing. They are beautiful and peaceful to watch. And, since they are in water, they are a little less worrisome while burning! Beautiful clean and simple smooth Round Disc Floating Candles in Several Color and Sizes, ready for you to Enjoy!
Beautiful Candles Make Any Occasion Special!

Elegant Glass Tealight Holders with Spice Scented Tea Light Candles. Lovely!
~ Click on The Photo to Go to the Item Shown! ~
~ Elegant Ribbed Glass Tealight Holders ~
Decorate with tealight candles and enhance any space in your home!
Enjoy The Simple Beauty and Elegance of Candles!

Dinner table tapers, pudgy beautiful pillars, magical firestop candles for centerpieces.
Flickering Candle Light is Entrancing With Shimmering Crystals!

If you like candle centerpieces, try wonderful firestop candles. Firestop tapers put themselves out instead of burning to the bottom! If you're ambitious & creative, get candle making instructions, candle scent, candle wax, molds, & all your candle making supplies right here! Learn how to make candles or practice your candle making art!
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Commemorative Saint Container Candles for Remembrance.
Commemorative Saint Container Candles for Remembrance.

Scented Tealights Bursting with Fragrance & Dozens of Colors! Stock up! Unscented Votive Candles Designed to Burn for Specific Times. 2 Hours to 15 Hours!Holiday Luminary Votive Candles. Special Wick Allows These to Burn Buried in Sand!Simple Clear Straight-Sided 3 Ounce Glass Votive Holder. Scented Pink Candle!
Tealight Candle Holders   Unscented Bulk Tealight Candles   Wonderful Scented Tealights   Unscented Votives   Luminary Votives
~ Click on Any Picture.  Each will Take You to a Different Place! ~
~ Tempting Tealights, Long-Burning Votives, Magical Luminaria, Traditional Lovely Glass Candle Holders ~
~ Candles! Wonderful Colors, Shapes, and Scents! ~
Tealight & Votive candles punctuate any nook or cranny with a warm, flickering glow. Place them all around your home! Dot them around the tub, pool or Jacuzzi to add magic to your soak! Scented or unscented tealight candles & votives can add just that right touch of romance & elegance. Use candles in lovely holders for an extra special effect!
Planning a special event or party with Luminaria and you just can't find luminary votives to make luminary bags? They are HERE! Special  Luminary Candles  to burn 8-10 hours buried in sand! Luminary candles, or luminarias, are a popular holiday custom that began in Mexico. Luminarias are traditionally burned on Christmas Eve, but are also often used for outdoor candlelight vigils & ceremonies. Great for any occasion, even Halloween! The luminary bags are weighted down with sand, which also holds the candle. Just use ordinary paper sandwich bags from the grocery store & the special luminaria candles buried in sand! Magical!

Tall Jar Candle with Seven Colorful Rainbow Layers! What Fun!Mini Victorian Candles in Rainbow Colored Glass Containers!Candles in A Rainbow of Tall Colored Glass Containers! 110 Hours of Candle Burning Fun! Make Your Own Rainbow With Gorgeous Colorful Scented 15 Hour Votive Candles! Tall Jar Candle with Seven Colorful Rainbow Layers! What Fun!

~ Click on The Pictures.  Each will Take You to a Different Place! ~
Layered Rainbow in a Glass, Bright Rainbow Colorful Containers Short or Tall, Rainbows of Votives!
~ Rainbows, Colorful Rainbows!!  Fun!  Make up Your Own!

In a mood for rainbow candles? There are rainbow candles & colorful container candles to light & add rainbows to your life! Swarovski crystal prisms and beautiful flickering candles will enchant you!
Tapered 15 Hour Pure BEESWAX Votives!Lovely Slender Ten Inch White Elements Taper Candles Wonderful Colorful Scented Pillar Candles! Relax & Rejuvenate with Incredible Scents!Fabulous Scented Jar Container Candles!
~ Click on Any Picture.  Each will Take You to a Different Place! ~
Please Enjoy Your Candle Shopping!  Great Discount Prices!
Pamper Yourself or Find Unique and Memorable Candle Gifts!

~ Pure Beeswax ~ Tantalizing Tapers ~ Aromatherapy Scented Candles ~ Exotic Containers ~
Experience The Amazing Diversity of Candles!

Beeswax for religious church candles, sanctuary candles, or for your own pure pleasure! Aromatherapy candles are the perfect touch to relax or energize you as you soak in a tub or listen to favorite music. Relax or rejuvenate with aromatherapy candles! Enjoy Elegant Slender Tall Tapers Decorate with a Beautiful Collection of Scented Jar Candles.

Luscious Amber or Ruby 72 Hour Colored Container Candle!Handsome & Handy Brass and Wood Candle Snuffer! Monster Match Butane Lighter!Beeswax Sheet Candle Kit! Make Your Own Beeswax Candles!
~ Luscious Red or Amber Jar Candles, Lovely and Handy Brass and Wood Candle Snuffer ~
~ Monster Match Lighter, Wonderful Beeswax Candle Making Kit ~
All Sorts of Beautiful, Fun, and Useful Things!!

Shimmering Twelve or Fifteen Inch Metallic Taper Candles in Several Colors! Dramatic!
Shimmering Twelve or Fifteen Inch Metallic Taper Candles
in Several Gorgeous Colors! Dramatic!

 ~ Fantastic Candles and Fabulous Low Prices! ~ 

Wonderful Unique Candles!!
Wonderful Restaurant Candles, Church Candles, and Candle Fun at Home!

Wholesale Candles are Available! Look for Church, Sanctuary, and Vigil Candles! Add Luminary Bags and Candles to Your Party! Or Make Your Own Candles with Candle Molds, Candle Making Supplies and Instructions!    Be sure to Visit all of our Candle Pages! Find lovely unity candles for weddings! See candle lighters and snuffers, wedding candles, crystal, glass and brass candle holders, candle making instructions, tapers, pillars, votives, tealights, scented candles, candle lamps, and wonderful container candles!  Lots of Fun!

Just use our links for wedding candles, unity candles, brass & crystal candle holders, and beeswax church candles & sanctuary candles! Some of the finest sanctuary candles & church candles are here! Find several kinds of vigil candles for that special remembrance.
Dozens of tapers, Special dripless candles, Pillar fireplace candles! If you like these candles, Please return HERE to Shop Each Time! Find wholesale, restaurant, & wedding candles! Candle Making, too! Candles at!
Decorate your fireside with fireplace candles to add a beautiful flickering glow. Locate hard to find accessories such as butane candle lighters & attractive candle snuffers. Special dripless candles end the frustration of melted candle wax mess.
Welcome To Our Wonderful Candle Department! Are you looking for restaurant candles? Solve your restaurant candle needs here in these pages! Do you have a store and you would love to find great wholesale candles to sell? Welcome to your candle wholesale solution! Discount candles & wholesale bulk packaging available!

~ Wonderful Sensual Candles ~

Lovely Fifteen Inch Golden or Silver Metallic Taper Candles! Add a Touch of Elegance! Adorable Flower Pot Shaped Glass Votive Candle Holder! Several Wonderful Colors! Lovely Fifteen Inch Golden or Silver Metallic Taper Candles! Add a Touch of Elegance!
~ Click on The Photos to Go to the Items Shown! ~
Adorable Flower Pot Shaped Glass Votive Candle Holder.  Several Wonderful Colors!
Experience The Simple Elegance of Candles

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~ About Our Candles    Candle Questions    How Does This Work? ~

Shop ~  for  Crystals  &  Candles!

  We Have a Treat for You!   We've located and joined with a Wonderful Candle Company! It is Difficult to Find A Large Selection of Candle Making Supplies, Candle Holders, and Candles. We think you will be Pleased! Find Restaurant, Church, Wedding, and Wholesale Candles Right Here!

  How Does This Work?   We at Sundrop Crystal are proud and excited to bring you Candles through an Affiliate Program. This means that our website Links with theirs. If you buy something Through Our Links, we are paid a small sales commission! It does not cost you anything extra! We can show you Lots of Wonderful Things this way!  Search No Further!  We've found the Candle Company for you, and now you can have the Fun of Candle Shopping! We've picked out lots of our Favorite Candles to Show You! Have a Look Around!

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Candles ~ Page One

  What is an Affiliate Program?   Affiliate Programs are a way for website owners to be compensated for driving traffic to other online merchants’ websites. They drive traffic by putting Links on their site that, when clicked, send visitors to a merchant’s site. It’s a win-win partnership, because the sender gets increased revenue and the other merchants get increased traffic and sales.

  Who Ships My Candle Order?   When you click on one of our Candle pictures, you are taken to the Candle Website. If you want to make a purchase, you then become their customer. They will take care of everything and your order will be shipped from them.  Remember to Come Back to Shop for Crystals!

  American Express Card?   YES, General Wax Candle Company does accept American Express credit cards. In the recent past they did not. We are very happy about this great news!

  Can I Shop Directly at the Candle Website?   Please always shop for candles THROUGH OUR LINKS  so that they know who sent you. You have access to EVERY product on their site from here! Wholesale, Weddings, Ceremony, Sanctuary, Vigil, Candle Making, Restaurants! You need to remember JUST ONE WEBSITE for your shopping!  ~ ~

Shop  for  Crystals  &  Candles!

~ Candle Questions ~

  Can I Purchase Candles Wholesale?   YES, you sure can! Purchasing Candles Wholesale for Resellers is easy. Many items are available at wholesale quantity discounts. Just Click on the Picture of any item you are interested in, and look for the wholesale pricing information! MANY items are available in Bulk at Reduced Prices! Read about purchasing for resale at  Wholesale and Resale Information for Candles!  Find the answer to all of your Wholesale and Reselling Candle Needs!

  What About Restaurant Candles?   YES, you've found the restaurant candle professionals! Here are just a few suggestions! Used extensively in the restaurant trade, these  Unscented 10-hour restaurant votive candles  utilize a zinc-core wick that won't fall to one side, ensuring a consistent, reliable burn every time. They are available in bulk packaging for your convenience!  Add a classy, romantic look to any table setting!  Special clear heat-tempered glass restaurant votive candle holders  are available for these candles. Match your Restaurant Decor with  Heavy Duty Glass Restaurant Votive Candle Holders in Beautiful Jewel Colors  to delight your guests! And that’s not all! Great All-in-One  Unscented Glass Container Candles for Restaurants  might be your perfect choice!  Unscented Lamp Fuel Oil & Unscented Bulk Tealights  will complete your basic needs!

  I'm Looking for Religious or Ceremonial Candles!   You can find  Church and Vigil Candles  that have been crafted for specific religious purposes, or to celebrate special occasions such as  Advent.  Items include  Sanctuary Container Candles,  Church Tower Candles,  Church Incense & Accessories, commemorative  Saint Candles,  and Special Ceremonial Candles.  Find the  Candle Holders  you need, too, All In One Place! Even  wood lighting sticks  and other  candle lighting and snuffing accessories!  You can buy  Beeswax Candles (100 percent or 51 percent)  that are the highest quality available, and have been a favorite among religious institutions for decades!  If you need  Small White Candles for Candlelight VigilsLong White Household Utility Candles,  and accessories such as  Clear Wind Protectors,  Red Wind Protectors,  Household White Utility or Vigil Candles,  Paper Bobeche Drip Protectors  and the ever popular  Luminaria Votive Candles,  they are all here for your candlelight remembrance!

  Can You Help Me with Wedding Candles?   YES, Definitely! Check out the Wedding Candles and Accessories!  Look for Ideas and Beautiful Items! Special candles, beautiful candle holders, wedding unity candles, wedding candle accessories, lovely items for Gifts!  Wedding Reception Decorations and Favors!  It's all here!  Everything for that Special Big Wedding Day!

  I Need Candle Making Supplies. Do You Have Those?   YES, candle making supplies of all descriptions are available for the Hobbiest and Professional! You can even get  Candle Making Instructions and Information!  Look for ALL the  Candlemaking Ingredients and Accessories  you need Right Here in one convenient location!  Candle molds, candle wax, wicks, color dyes, finishes, fragrances, scents!  Sundrop Crystal brings you Wonderful  Candle Making Supplies!  Find it all right here!

Candle Making Information, Ingredients, Equipment, Accessories, & Supplies
Candle Making Supplies For Both the Hobbiest And Professional ~ Start Today!
   Candle Making Equipment    Wax Candle Dyes   Soy Candle Wax    Candle Molds   
   Glass Candle Container Jars & PVC Lids    Candle Making Scents & Fragrances    Candle Wicks   
   Wide Selection of Candle Waxes    Candle Wax Additives    Books About Candle Making   
   Candle Making Questions, Answers, Information, Discussion!    Candle Making Classes  

  How Do I Know if This is a Reputable Candle Company?   General Wax has been providing quality candles since 1949. The company's origins are in institutional sales such as restaurants and churches. These facilities burn millions of candles per year and always insist on the best quality. Many use ONLY General Wax candles. Genwax takes pride in creating the BEST burning candles available. Get to know them, and Enjoy Top Quality Yourself!

  Do You Have Seasonal Candles?   Look for  Wonderful Seasonal Candles  to fit any holiday, season, or special occasion! Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Advent, Hanukah, Easter and Spring, You Name It! Beautiful and whimsical candles and candle accessories for Any Reason!!

  Do the Candles Go On SALE?   YES!!  Check here for  Special Clearance Discounts  that could be a real find for you!

  Candles! Candles! SEARCH for Candles!   Start at the Home Page or Here to  SEARCH Candles  And Find Tall Tapers for the Table, Pudgy Pillars, Flickering Tealights, Relaxing Ambience, Restaurant Romance, Fantastic Fragrances! Votives or Pillars, Brass or Glass Holders ~ and Much More!

Shop~  for  Crystals  & Candles!

  Tealight Candles   flickering in a lovely cluster can provide instant ambience in the bedroom or living room. Beautiful  Scented Tealights  are bursting with color and scent. The more you buy, the cheaper they get!  WOW!  So MANY scents and colors! Select several to see what you like. Or use dozens of your favorite color and aroma  Bulk Packed Scented Tealights  just for Fun! Line them up on windowsills and countertops in the bath and kitchen. They will burn for about four hours! And try this  Glass Disk Tealight Floater  to float tealight candles in a tub, pond or punch bowl for great scent and atmosphere! General Wax bulk tealight candles are a favorite with professional caterers because  Unscented Tealights  can be used with simmer pots and food warmers. Get a  Ten-Pak of Unscented Tealights  for your next party. If you have a serious catering job in mind or just love a bargain, find  Bulk-Packed Unscented Tealights in Metal Cups  or  Bulk-Pack Unscented Tealights in Clear Cups  to suit your preference.

  Votive Candles   punctuate any nook or cranny with a warm, flickering glow. Votive Candles and Tealights dotted around the spa or Jacuzzi add magic to your soak! Clean burning,  Unscented Votives  in Many Sizes are perfect when you require a Specific Burn Time.  Scented Votive Candles  are packed with a powerful punch of fragrance! Perfect for anywhere you need a sweet burst of aroma. Spices, fruits, & florals in creamy-rich wax colors! Eye-catching votive candles are lovely accents for any room! Whether you light one votive or a galaxy, you'll enjoy superior perfume and quality! Find a variety of different  Votive Candle Holders, such as this Lovely  Colorful Hurricane Glass Candle Holder  that disperses the candlelight beautifully!

  Luminary Candles   are a popular holiday custom that began in Mexico. Those lovely glowing paper bags along a walkway are a great idea! The luminary bags (Luminarias) are weighted down with a couple of inches of sand, which also holds the candle. Use ordinary paper sandwich bags from your local store, and get  Luminary Votive Candles  here that are made especially for use in outdoor luminarias! These votive candles have a special wick that allows them to burn well for 8-10 Hours when buried in sand!

  Container and Jar Candles!   You can't go wrong with 110 hours of candle burning time (Almost five continuous days!) for less than $5.00!  See them in a  Rainbow of Colored Glass Candle Containers  with white, unscented wax.  Or enjoy  Clear Containers with Colored Candle Wax  in lots of color choices!  And there's the classic option of  Several Styles of Clear Container Candles with White Wax!  Get a wonderful big scented candle in a jar with a cover!  Lovely  Scented Apothecary Jar Candles!  They cost a lot less than the competition!  Choose from a big selection of  Unscented Jar Candles!  Looking for a Rainbow of Colors?  Get a  Rainbow Candle in a Jar!  Seven festively colored layers!

  Is There Anything Else I Need to Know?   No, it's really very simple. We are introducing you to the Beautiful Candles that our friends at General Wax sell. In return, they pay us a small sales commission if you  Buy candles through our Links.  We've shown you a great selection of their beautiful items. There are more candles and accessories than you can imagine! Just Click on Any Link to Enter The Genwax Candle Site! All of our candle pictures are Links! You're sure to find what you want! We hope you Enjoy your Candle Shopping!  THANK YOU for Shopping In Our Candle Shop at Sundrop Crystal!   Please Return Often!

  Still More Questions?   Maybe this will help. Check out the candle site’s page of  FAQ ~ Frequently Asked Candle Questions!  We hope you find your Answers!

Rainbows!  Even candles love Rainbows!  ~  We found  Rainbow Candles  for you to enjoy!
Enjoy the Magical World of Candles!
Shapes, Colors, Scents!  Burn them one at a time or in gorgeous groups!  Relax in the special warm glow of Candle Light!
Candles and Crystals!  A Perfectly Wonderful Combination!

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Premium Dripless Three by Three Inch 35 Hour Colorful Scented Pillar Candle! Superior burning quality! Special design burns evenly. No craggy shells or drowned wicks!

Premium  3" x 3" Dripless Fluted Pillar Candle Burns 35 Hours
This is a pillar candle of superior burning quality. The fluted, hollow-core special design encourages this column candle to burn evenly. No more craggy shells or drowned wicks for your pillar candles! Available in many Creamy Colors and Luscious Top-Quality Scents! Savor this three by three inch long-burning, premium column candle in the bedroom, bath, kitchen, livingroom or den. Wonderful for Special Occasions and Weddings! Sold in singles and cases of 12. Look for wholesale pricing!

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Fireside Unscented Solid Pillar Candle 3X6 Inches, White or Ivory. Simple, Classic Design!
Elegant Pillars for Fireplace or Anywhere!
Enjoy Soft Flickering Light in Your Life!
Fireside Unscented Solid Pillar Candle 3 X 6 Inches, White or Ivory.
Simple, classic design for everyday use.
Shown with brass pillar candle holder and 3 inch white ball candles, each sold separately.

Enjoy the Magical World of Candles!  Burn them one at a time or in  Gorgeous Groups!
Shapes, Colors, Scents!  Relax in the special warm glow of Candle Light!
~ Candles and Crystals!  A Perfectly Wonderful Combination! ~

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Birthday Candles!Traditional Birthday Candles! Stock Up!Birthday Candles!Always Useful Birthday Candles! Stock Up!Birthday Candles!Traditional Birthday Candles! Stock Up!
Traditional Fun Birthday Candles! Stock Up!!

Save The Rainforest Ice Cream Sundae  Save The Rainforest

Elegant Three Inch White Ball Candles! Ball Candles are a stylish alternative to traditional Pillar Candles! White ball candles are perfect for overdipping to create a Festive look!
Elegant Three Inch White Ball Candles!
Ball Candles are a stylish alternative to traditional Pillar Candles! White ball candles are perfect for overdipping with colorful melted wax to create your own Festive Look!

Scrumptious ice cream banana split! Banana, ice cream, and hot fudge and strawberry toppings! Hard to believe this is a candle! (Sorry-Discontinued.) Great Saturday and Sunday ice cream sundae treats and banana splits! Oh, Yummy!Luscious ice cream sundae! Marvelous hot fudge sundae or strawberry ice cream sundae! Hard to believe these are candles! (Sorry-Discontinued.) Don't you love ice cream sundaes on a Sunday afternoon? Yummm!
Wonderful Strawberry and Hot Fudge Ice Cream Sundaes and Ice Cream Banana Split Candles!
(Very Sorry, Both Are Discontinued)      
More Fun Food Candle Pictures

Lovely Fifteen Inch Gold or Silver Metallic Taper Candles! Beautiful Elegant Metallic Finish!

Fireside Pillar Candle. Simple, classic design in White or Ivory. Unscented 3x4 inch solid pillar candles. Plain Yet Elegant and Pretty! Shown with column holder, sold separately.

Luscious 15 Inch Silver or Gold Metallic Taper Candles!

Beautiful Crystals that Make Rainbows!!!
Softly Flickering Candles!

Swarovski Crystal Prisms Do Amazing Things With Light!

Hanging Crystals Will Fill Your Life With Rainbows!!!

 Delicious Looking Ice Cream Sundaes! Candles, but sure look real! Sorry, discontinued.

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Sundrop Crystal Has Sparkling Fun Crystal Shapes!

~ Marvelous Sun Catchers ~
~ Fanciful Figurines ~
Fantastic Gifts ~ Just Great Fun!

Sundrop Crystal Has Tantalizing Crystal Shapes! Enjoy Gorgeous Crystal Figurines!

Sparkling CrystalsGift Idea

The next time someone asks you what to buy for an upcoming occasion, Be Ready! Suggest something pretty to hang in a window!

Crystals are beautiful Valuable Keepsakes that will not be forgotten! This photo shows a Sapphire Blue Dolphin [Sorry, Sold Out], a Ball 30 Blue (top right), and a Bell 30ab. The string on the Bell keeps the Dolphin from turning. These crystals are SPARKLING in the sun!
Decorate your windows with beautiful crystal!
Fill your life with Rainbows!